Gum Treatment / Periodontics

An inflammation of the gum bones can severely affect the gums surrounding the infected area. Bleeding or swollen gums are the early signs of infected gums with bacteria. These signs are often neglected, whereas, the tissues and roots that hold the teeth together are supported by our gums and need intense care before they destroy the structure and support of the teeth. This requires proper oral hygiene and proper brushing with the right technique that may prevent plaque, a sticky white substance over the teeth.

Improper care of the gums leads to gingivitis disease in which the teeth become loose and gums get swollen or start to bleed. This condition can cause a great deal to your bright smile as the teeth can even break from the roots if not prevented on time. In this case, deep cleaning and scaling of the teeth are done which scrapes off the plaque and helps remove bacteria. Highly severe conditions might even need a gum surgery so as to prevent the surrounding area from getting infected.

If proper oral hygiene and regular checkups are not conducted at the dental clinic in Delhi, Noble Dental Care, it may cause the gum-line to inflame and the plaque can spread over worsening the condition of the gums. Our periodontists provide the ideal solution for various mild and severe gum diseases and have mastered the art of making over smiles with painless, efficient, safe and friendly techniques. They transcend in the field of Periodontics with their years of practice in handling severe cases.

Before your gums get permanently destroyed, visit our dentists in Delhi to get a high-end quality yet affordable treatment.