Endodontics / Root Canal

Endodontic or root canal treatment prevents millions of teeth from getting damaged permanently. It relieves the pain caused due to the decay of bacteria-prone teeth which can further cause serious infections in the root. When the cavity reaches the enamel area, near the soft tissues, called the pulp, the tooth becomes fractured and can be restored with the help of a root canal treatment (RCT). If this infection is not done on time, the consequences can be seriously damaging to the tooth.

Just like other dentists in Delhi, Noble Dental Care believes that treating a cavity needs special attention and accurate technique depending on the level of tooth damage. For example, if the tooth decay is limited to enamel and dentine; the tooth can be treated with various type of restorative material. But if the case is severe, filling might not be sufficed and might need special care with the RCT treatment. If a proper RCT is not carried out, under the assistance of well-experienced RCT specialists, the symptoms can cause the tooth to be permanently taken out so as to prevent the infection from further spreading over.

The bacteria are first cleaned out from the roots – particularly the pulp and then space is filled with a filling which prevents further infection. Endodontics treatments and RCT is a stepwise procedure.

Noble Dental Care, the best dental clinic in Delhi has specialists who have earned prestige as they bring with them their highly-skilled techniques and years of experience in the RCT domain to treat patients with utmost care and safety. We understand that people from different backgrounds need a different kind of attention to their sensitive tooth problems, especially during root canal treatment as it requires a lot of care during the process.