Crown And Bridge

Crowns and bridges are used for capping the damaged or implanted teeth. They help to strengthen, restore and improve the look of your teeth. It is a custom-made cap anchored on an existing tooth or a missing tooth to fill the space. The replacement of tooth requires bridging of the missing tooth, while the teeth on both sides of the bridged tooth are prepared as crowns so as to hold the bridge in place. Crowning and Bridging is a long-lasting solution preventing a number of problems that occur due to missing teeth. If not cured in time, they can cause serious problems for the surrounding teeth.

There are different types of crowns and bridges which can be suggested by the Noble Dental Clinic dentists in Paharganj according to the requirement and color of the teeth. A bridge may be recommended by our specialists when the gap due to missing teeth causes the other teeth to shift, eventually causing bad biting problems. The dentist first reduces the size of the tooth and then takes an impression to make an exact mold for the bridge or crown with quality and long-lasting materials.

With the use of advanced technology, high-end materials, and experienced methodologies, our dental clinic in Delhi has procured high perch in serving our patients with best dental care and treatments. We have a specialization in providing precisely suitable crowns and bridges for patients who incur problems due to missing, damaged or implanted teeth. With just two to four appointments at Noble Dental Care, you can restore your appearance and smile with confidence.