Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy has been influenced a lot by Guru Nanak Dev ji, We believe in giving something extra in our service.
It might be counter intuitive to think that by giving more service than paid for is good business practice.
But it isn’t , This extra  is Your’s (Tera), It is given in the service of the One (God).  We have shared the summary of the Sakhi below.

Guru Nanak dev ji was working as  Modi (Modikhana: Grain store house ) in Sultanpur under the employee of the Nawab of Sultanpur. A modi khana is a place where tax in the form of grains was stored , A modi’s duty was to manage and do the accounts for the grain. The grain was used to feed the Sultanpur’s army and the excess grain was sold and the money was deposited in the Sultanpur treasury, Some percentage of sold grain was the income of the modi.

Guru ji worked earnestly, Whenever a farmer came to sell grain guru ji never cheated anyone instead he always gave more back than what was owed. If any beggar or hungry person came to him Guru ji used to make sure that there needs were met.

Even though he gave away so much grains for free yet he was able to save some money. Every one left the modikhana satisfied and happy.
Those who were jealous of Guru Nanak’s popularity complained to the Nawab that he is giving away the Grain to the poor for free and that it will lead to huge Losses. When accounting of grains was done it was found that instead of loss that were expected the store had surplus of grain.

It is said that whenever Guru ji gave grains to the poor he used to say ” Tera tera ” (It’s your’s). People used to ask him. ” We have seen you giving away grains to the poor to their heart’s content, Why is it that Modikhana is not in loss”. In reply , He Used to say that I have been given this work of Modi by the One (God) who has made these poor people. I am doing his (God’s) work , So how can there be Loss.

Guru ji has taught us to not only work and do business with honesty but give your excess for the betterment of the community and society. Wahe Guru ji da Khalsa , Wahe Guru ji di Fateh.