Dentist in Batala, Punjab

Everyone wants to have an amazing and pearly white smile but our lifestyle and lack of awareness does not allow us to take good care of our oral health. If you are living in Batala and are seeking the services of a professional dentist, Please give us the opportunity.We are providing best dental solutions though our top notch and professional services at an affordable price.We have experienced staff working at Noble Dental Care and we have the capability to provide world-class treatment.

Best services to protect your smile:

At Noble Dental Care Clinic, We are  able to provide treatment for all kinds of dental problems.The common dental problems that we resolve on a daily basis are :
Root Canal Treatment, Implanting Crowns and Bridges, Orthodontics, Dental implants, Teeth whitening and many more.
All these services are available at a affordable cost. Our aim is to protect your smile.

You can contact and visit our professional dentist in Batala at.

Noble Dental Care – Implant & Orthodontic Centre (Punjab Batala)
Baba Bella Singh charitable hospital
Near burger hut
Batala, Punjab 143505

Please give us a call at our Batala clinic at +9175290 88001 to Dr Karan for regular checkup and get perfect advice for dental health

Come for regular checkup and get perfect advice for dental health

Everyone wants to get an attractive and healthy smile. It is very important to prevent all kinds of dental problems if you want to protect your smile in a best way. Your teeth may appear healthy but you may have different dental problems that are invisible currently. You can visit our dental clinic and you will get services of a top dentist in Batala to get advice for healthy teeth and mouth. It will be really helpful to avoid any kind of dental problem in future and you will give complete care to your teeth.

If you also want to ensure the perfect health of your teeth, you can visit our dental clinic in Batala and you will find best in class services. We use advanced medical tools to provide a complete dental solution to ensure better health of your teeth and mouth.