Oral Problems in HIV

Oral problems can arise because of weakened immune system, dealing with these problems is an important step towards living well, not just longer with HIV. The most common oral problems linked with HIV are: – Apthous Ulcers Red sores that might also have a yellow-gray film on top. They are usually on the moveable parts […]

Tooth Surface Loss

There are factors like inadequate brushing leading to gingival (in the area near to gums) recession, corrosive food and drink consumption, habits such as bruxism and tooth clenching which can lead to tooth surface lesions and loss of tooth structure. There can be loss of tooth substance in area of stress concentration in the mouth. […]

Diabetes and Oral Health

People with Diabetes have special oral care needs. Research has shown that there is an increased prevalence of oral health problems such as fungal infections, gum diseases, chewing difficulties and tooth loss among those suffering from Diabetes. These individuals are also prone to dry mouth leading to soreness, bitter taste, oral ulcers and cavities. In […]

Proper Brushing Technique

Total time needed: 2 minutes Amount of paste a pea sized amount of tooth paste is recommended Process* –Place the toothbrush bristles at a 45 degree angle on the front surface of the back teeth. Move the toothbrush in small circular motions. Make sure that you brush the tooth and especially the area where the tooth […]

Choosing the Right Toothbrush!

The type of brush you use is important.  The right toothbrush will meet your oral care needs and clean the teeth more completely.   –The best size toothbrush head is the one which allows you easy access to all surfaces of the teeth. –The types of toothbrush bristles can be chosen from: firm, medium, soft, extra soft, sensitive, extra sensitive. Choose […]

Our Mantra

Noble Dental Care is located in Paharganj, Central Delhi. We provide world class dental care at affordable prices to patients from India and foreign tourists so that they can make the most of their holiday in India. We cater to the patient’s needs in the area of general dentistry such as fillings, bleaching, tooth cleaning […]