Oral Problems in HIV

Oral problems can arise because of weakened immune system, dealing with these problems is an important step towards living well, not just longer with HIV.

The most common oral problems linked with HIV are:

– Apthous Ulcers

Red sores that might also have a yellow-gray film on top. They are usually on the moveable parts of the mouth such as the tongue or inside of the cheeks and lips.

– Herpes (A viral infection)

Red sores usually on the roof of the mouth. They are sometimes on the outside of the lips, where they are called fever blisters.

– Hairy Leukoplakia

White patches that do not wipe away; sometimes very thick and “hairlike.” Usually appear on the side of the tongue or sometimes inside the cheeks and lower lip

– Candidiasis

White or yellowish patches (or can sometimes be red). If wiped away, there will be redness or bleeding underneath. They can appear anywhere in the mouth.

– Dry Mouth

Without enough saliva you could develop tooth decay or other infections and might have trouble chewing and swallowing. Your mouth might also feel sticky, dry and have a burning feeling. And you may have cracked, chapped lips.

The most common oral problems linked with HIV can be treated. So talk with your doctor or dentist about what treatment might work for you.

Mouth Problems and HIV

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